Imagine Losing One Pound of Fat and Fluid Every Day!

The Lifesource European Rapid Weight Loss System is scientifically formulated to rapidly burn off stubborn
layers of body fat from hard to reach storage areas: hips,waist, thighs, buttocks – safely, naturally and effectively!

This powerful Rapid Weight Loss System is scientifically formulated to break down stubborn layers of body fat from hard to reach storage areas! Designed to help burn off up to 15-30 pounds of fat and fluid in as little as 30 days while creating a new shapely toned figure that will drive your mate absolutely wild!

Imagine losing 15–30 LBS, every 30 days and getting a Cover Model’s Body with Lifesource!
With Lifesource you can not only lose the weight, but you’ll also get the kind of body that turns heads wherever you go. Guaranteed! Your friends and family will not only wonder how you did it, but did it so fast! And if members of the opposite sex have never looked your way before, then you’re in for a surprise! Lifesource is a revolutionary fat burning system that makes your body feed off every existing cell of body fat for fuel. So much so, it leaves your body with the most sensational sculpted look of your life that until recently only professional models knew how to get and maintain.

What is Lifesource Model Body Perfection?

Lifesource is a medically approved powerful rapid weight loss formula and fat burning system. In combination, these two components are guaranteed to help strip off up to 15-30 lbs. and more every 30 days, while it reshapes, tones and transforms your figure.

Notice Your Weight Loss the First Morning!

After you start this program. This amazing “crash weight-loss” system actually starts a chain reaction fat burning process that can have you up to 4 sizes smaller in as little as 14 to 17 days. The Lifesource Rapid Weight Loss System prevents fat building calories from getting into your system and being turned into unsightly fat and bulges.

Food you Eat No Longer Turns To Fat!

The food you eat is burned right out of your system. Weight loss actually begins the very first minute you start this program. This amazing diet discovery is an effective one-two punch against fat that actuates an all out attack on the war against fat.

Attack Number 1:
Eliminates the tormenting hunger that forces you to eat more than your body requires.

Attack Number 2: Starts a chain reaction that turns your body into a fat burning incinerator capable of burning off up to 1 pound a day of fat, fluid and cellulite.

You Be The Judge!

Stand in front of a mirror right now and ask yourself…
would I be happier and healthier if I:

  • Lost 7 to 10 pounds one week from today?
  • Took 3 to 4 sizes off my waistline in 14 to 17 days?
  • Could wear new clothes and look as slim as I did
    when I was younger?
  • Could look 10 to 15 years younger by losing all that ugly fat and those unsightly bulges?

Safe and Effective!

The Lifesource Model Body Perfection System has made it possible for thousands of overweight and grossly obese people to have renewed hope of weight loss safely and effectively in a rapid crash-loss program. If you have tried everything and have been disappointed time after time then your weight-loss problem is
over now… once and for all!

Not Available in Stores!

You must realize that something this effective is going to be a little more expensive. Because of the effectiveness of this product, we can only guarantee delivery to those customers that respond within the next 10 days. After that we can only fill orders on a “first come first served” basis as long as our supplies last.

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No More Fat. No More Prescriptions.
No More Failure.

After receiving numerous accolades, The Lifesource Model Body System can now be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Lifesource is a heavy duty weight loss system. It is intended only for those who have to lose a LARGE AMOUNT OF EXCESS FAT FROM HARD TO REACH AREAS SPECIFICALLY THE HIPS, WAIST, THIGHS AND BUTTOCKS. THE LIFESOURCE RAPID WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM HELPS BURN OFF BULGING POCKETS OF FAT WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY BLOCKING THE STORAGE OF FAT ALL OVER YOUR BODY.

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What Lifesource has done for others:

“I lost over 100 pounds with Lifesource. Even though I’m in my thirties, I now
look better than most people in their twenties!”
—J. Greer, St. Louis, MO

“I lost 60 pounds of fat within a few short months using Lifesource and
completely transformed both my body and my life.”
—M. Reuer, Watertown, SD

“I lost 50 pounds in just 65 days! Lifesource burned off layers of fat and cellulite
that plagued me throughout most of my life. Thank you Lifesource!”
—J. Alexander, Tatum, NM

“With Lifesource I lost 27 pounds in just 21 days! And in all the right areas! It
shaped and toned my body unlike any product I ever tried and I tried them all!”
—C. D’Ambrosio, Glen Head, NY

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Call Now Toll Free: 1-866-476-6287

International Orders: 1-516-734-6035

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What Lifesource will do for you:
If you don’t burn off up to 15 to 30 pounds of fat and fluid in 30 days, while ridding yourself of unsightly cellulite and shaping your body to its attractive best, LIFESOURCE will immediately prorate a refund to you for the unused portion returned.

What Coach Craig wants you to know

Your Friend and Coach,

Coach Craig,
Trainer of Champions

Note: Before starting any diet, weight loss, fitness or exercise program seek the advice of your healthcare professional and always read the label instructions carefully.

“This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”