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Lifesource Forever Trim Herbal Complex

Scientific Studies have demonstrated that heavy duty exercise can be linked to oxidative stress and less than optimal tissue structure and function in the body. It is believed that when a man exercises at 80% of predicted maximum heart rate at a minimum of five hours per week, that it could seriously increase the body’s production of free radicals. It is the body’s requirement for oxygen, when performing exercise that is believed to produce free radicals. These free radicals can cause undesirable changes to the body and predispose cells to the ravages of age. Lifesource Forever Trim Herbal Complex has been formulated to help the body defend against these degenerative processes and excessive free radical production.

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Lifesource Libido Complex For Men

Maximum strength male potentiator formula. Now available without a prescription.

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An Ephedra Free Energy formula that is so powerful, our customers say it’s like getting a “shot of adrenaline!”  Great for highly competitive athletes, workaholics, and tired homemakers whose work is never done.

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Lifesource Organics Gourmet Colombian Coffee!

Enjoy a perfect brewed Mocha by adding Lifesource Model Body Perfection to LIFESOURCE ORGANICS GOURMET COFFEE or just simply enjoy it au natural!
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For the serious athlete…

GH 1000! Professional Athletes Atrength Building System!
GH 1000 The Professional Athlete’s Strengh Training System Includes 30 day Supply of GH 1000 Formula and Professional Athlete’s Strength Training Manual! The X-TREME GH 1000 is a unique combination of Isoflavones, Herbs, Sterols and B Vitamins designed to promote mineral / nitrogen retention, free or active testosterone levels, and regulate estrogen conversion. 5-Methyl 7-Methoxyisoflavone is an anabolic isoflavone that has been shown in early animal feed patents to increase mineral and nitrogen retention. 1 The Avena Sativa may have the ability to promote natural testosterone but more importantly may be able to promote free or active testosterone. 2 The promotion of free testosterone can cause a supercharging of testosterone’s anabolic properties resulting in a much better overall effect. The ginger attempts to lower gastric acidity thus allowing for greater absorption of the ingredients. 3 The Diindolylmethane, Beta sitosterol, and Quercetin may have the ability to regulate estrogen conversion. 4, 5 Diindolylmethane is the new estrogen regulator, which is the active metabolite of Idole-3-carbinol. X-TREME GH 1000 is an ideal supplement for any bodybuilder attempting to promote muscle recovery and fat free mass. *

1. Feuer, L Et al. U.S. Patent#3,949,085 1976. “Anabolic-weight gain promoting compositions containing isoflavone derivatives and method using same” April: p.12. 2. Atal, CK. Et al. 1981. Scientific evidence on the role of Ayurvedic herbals on bioavailability of drugs J Ethnopharmacol. Sept; 4(2): p.229-232. 3. Fukushima, M. Et al. 1976. Extraction and purification of a substance with luteinizing hormone releasing activity from the leaves of Avena Sativa Tohoku J Exp Med. Jun; 119(2): 115-122. 4. Stresser, DM. Et al. 1995. J Biochem Toxicol. Aug: 10(4); p.191-201. 5. Sousa, RL., Marletta, MA. 1985. The inhibition of cytochrome P-450 activity in rat liver microsomes by the naturally occurring flavanoid, quercetin Arch Biochem Biophys. Jul; 240(1): p345-357.

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X-Treme Glutamine Powder

The X-TREME GLUTAMINE POWDER is a free form amino acid, which is the most readily absorbed form of singular amino acids. The supplementation of L-Glutamine can cause an anti-catabolic effect and contribute to cell volumizing. 1 * Intense training causes muscle cell glutamine levels to decrease thus allowing for muscle or protein breakdown. The ingestion L-Glutamine causes an anti-catabolic effect by keeping these levels elevated thus preserving muscle mass. 2 L-Glutamine also contributes to cell volumizing, which may activate protein synthesis. X-TREME GLUTAMINE POWDER is an ideal anti-catabolic supplement for any bodybuilder or health conscious individual trying to preserve muscle mass during intense training.

1. Rowbottom, D.G. et al. 1996. The emerging role of glutamine as an indicator of exercise stress and overtraining. Sports Med. Feb; 21(2): 80-97. 2. Hickson, RC. Et al. 1995. Glutamine prevents downregulation of myosin heavy chain synthesis and muscle atrophy from glucocorticoids Am J Physiol. Apr; 268(4 Pt 1): E730-740.

X-Treme Glutamine (1000 Grams) 99.95

Ripped Now! Thermogenic Formula

The Ultimate Definition Formula!

Shredded abs, sinuous muscle, chiseled facial features…these are the marks of any top level professional bodybuilding champion. Do not confuse Ripped Now with any of the other numerous “over the counter” thermogenic formulas out on the market today. “Ripped Now” Professional Bodybuilder’s Definition System is a powerful anabolic analog in capsule form and training regimen that is specifically designed to bring the serious athlete down to the lowest levels of body fat possible. For extreme definition, “Ripped Now!” is the ultimate choice of the Pros!

30 Day Supply: $99.95