Success Stories

Dentist transforms body, transforms life!

I never thought that I could achieve results like this at the age of 50. Coach Craig has helped me reach my fitness and weight loss goals. I’ve never felt better! I’ve never looked better!

Ed Flatow, D.D.S.

Swimsuit Model Stays in Shape with Lifesource!

“As a professional swimsuit and lingerie model, there is nowhere to hide in front of the camera. Lifesource enables me to stay in model shape year round.”
- Aurelia, Milan, Italy

Joe Greer Loses 100 Pounds!

Coach Craig’s guidance helped me lose over 100 pounds. Even though I’m in my thirties, I now look better than most people in their twenties! It is about time someone put together a system like “Ageless Adonis” for older men.

Joe Greer
St. Louis, MO

Sid Adam LOSES 89 Pounds in 90 Days!

“I’ve battled obesity since childhood. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on
useless diet programs. Nothing ever worked. Coach Craig showed me precisely what I had to do to go from 271 lbs. to 182 lbs. in just 3 months and gain lean muscle mass! Not only have I conquered obesity, but I am seriously considering training for my first bodybuilding competition. The transformation has changed my life. Let Coach Craig do the same for you!”

Sid Adam, Lankshire, Scotland

Christine Conte Lost 52 Pounds!

“With Lifesource I went from 170 to 118 pounds! I completely transformed my body – I lost fat, cellulite, and added lean muscle tissue!”- Christine Conte
Port Washington, NY

Mark Reuer Sheds 60 Pounds of Fat and Fluid!

Coach Craig Smith’s guidance with training, nutrition, and supplementation helped me lose 60 pounds of fat within a few short months. Women love my new body!

Mark Reuer, Watertown, SD

Ron “Ox” Strahan Transforms body and face!

Before I took responsibility for the way I looked, a lot of girls my age thought I was old enough to be their father, both because of my physical appearance and attitude towards life. The transformation I’ve made has left me looking and feeling younger than I actually am, and with the cholesterol levels of a teenager to boot. I’m eternally grateful for the Ageless Adonis system as I owe much of my success in and out of the gym to Coach Craig Smith.

Ron “Ox” Strahan